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Friday, January 17, 2014

Celebrating the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi!

Schottenbauer Publishing is celebrating the 2014 Winter Olympics with a flurry of publications on the science of sports!  By the end of February, the following science lab manuals containing graphs and data are expected, in both English and German translation:
  • The Science of Snow Sports, Volumes 1-2
  • Glide, Spin, & Jump!:  The Science of Ice Skating, Volumes 2-8
  • Stretch, Hold, Move, & Leap!  The Science of Yoga, Pilates, & Ballet, Volumes 2-3
  • Lift, Step, & Cycle:  The Science of Exercise Equipment, Volumes 2-3
  • Walk, Jog, & Run!  The Science of Athletic Training, Volumes 2-3
  • The Science of Hockey, Volumes 1-2 [Field, Street, & Ice Hockey]
  • The Science of Gymnastics, Volumes 1-2

In the book series listed above, the first volumes contain data on force, velocity, acceleration, gravity, and friction.  The second volumes include biometric data, including measurement of joint angles with a goniometer, electrical activity of the heart (EKG) and muscles (EMG), blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing rate, and lung capacity. Third volumes in these series, where available, include graphical dot analyses of movements during common motions in each sport.

Short summaries of each book are provided are provided on the Schottenbauer Publishing Blog under Science Education.  Selected free samples are available from Schottenbauer Publishing, and previews are available on Amazon and YouTube.

Other science lab manuals also expected in February include:
  • Soar!  The Science of Flight, Volume 2  
  • How Do You Play That Thingamabob?:  The Science of Music Performance, Volume 2
  • The Science of Marbles: Volume 2
  • The Science of Toys: Volumes 1 & 2 (Blocks & Dominoes)
  • Gravity, Springs, and Collisions: Graphs from Classical Physics Experiments for Independent Study & Homeschool, Volume 2
  • Electricity and Magnetism: Graphs for Independent Study & Homeschool, Volume 1
  • Heat, Energy, & Lightbulbs: The Science of Energy Efficiency, Volume 3 (Alternative Energy)

Complementing the science lab manual series, "The Geometry of Winter Olympic Sports" and "The Geometry of Figure Skating" are available from the same vendors as the science lab manuals. These books are part of a larger series which also include books on the geometry of gymnastics, yoga, and ballet.

Vendor Information
Retail & Wholesale: CreateSpace
Discount Retail: Amazon

Puzzle Books & Posters in Over 60 Languages!


Puzzle Books & Posters in over 60 Languages! 

A visual-spatial challenge for puzzlers worldwide, the new book and poster series "What's Missing?" arrived online in May 2013. The series challenges viewers to compare two pictures and locate missing numbers, letters, and/or words. As an added feature, the numbers, letters, and words are arranged on the page in a manner which often creates a larger gestalt or picture, similar to Pointillism in art. No knowledge of foreign language is necessary to enjoy the basic puzzles, and either Google Translate or a bilingual dictionary can be used to guess the word describing the picture, where relevant. 

In the sample below, the number "1" forms a random design.  In many of the puzzles found in this book series, the numbers, letters, or words form pictures of common entities, such as household items, cultural symbols, and animals.

The book series begins with numbers, operators, and English, and then takes a world tour through Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, focusing on languages with non-Roman characters.  Towards the end of the series, the language selections return to Europe, visiting the Germanic and Romance languages, and ending in Scandanavia. 

The posters, which are available from Zazzle, represent the full set of over 60 languages, while the puzzle book series currently consists of approximately 2/3 of this amount.  The full list of languages is included below:

  • Afrikaans 
  • Albanian 
  • Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics
  • Arabic 
  • Armenian 
  • Azerbaijani 
  • Basque 
  • Bengali 
  • Bulgarian 
  • Chinese 
  • Croatian 
  • Czech 
  • Danish 
  • English 
  • Estonian 
  • Filipino 
  • Finnish 
  • French 
  • Georgian 
  • German 
  • Greek 
  • Gujarati 
  • Hatian 
  • Hebrew 
  • Hindi 
  • Hmong 
  • Hungarian 
  • Indonesian 
  • Italian 
  • Japanese 
  • Kannada 
  • Khmer 
  • Korean 
  • Lao 
  • Latvian 
  • Lithuanian 
  • Macedonian 
  • Malay 
  • Maltese 
  • Marathi 
  • Neo-Tifinagh Berber Glyphs
  • Norwegian 
  • Numbers 
  • Persian 
  • Polish 
  • Portuguese 
  • Romanian 
  • Russian 
  • Sanskrit 
  • Serbian 
  • Slovak 
  • Slovenian 
  • Spanish 
  • Swahili 
  • Swedish 
  • Tamil 
  • Telugu 
  • Thai 
  • Turkish 
  • Ukrainian 
  • Urdu 
  • Vietnamese

Books are available from CreateSpace and Amazon, and posters are available from Zazzle. Afree sample for download, with a puzzle in each of 10 languages, is available from theSchottenbauer Publishing website.  A trailer video for the series is available from YouTube

Teachers, educators, and psychologists may be interested in the series, "What's Missing? Puzzles for Educational Testing."   Additional information is available on the page for Educational Testing.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Brilliant Nature Cards from Schottenbauer Publishing

A new series of amazing nature cards from Schottenbauer Publishing have just arrived. Available for individual purchase or in bulk with discount for large orders, these cards display wonderful photographs of the sky, sunset, and water taken by M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D. in January 2014.  The cards are available from MSchottenbauer Zazzle Store under Art.

Fundraising Ideas
Organizations interested in selling these cards in a fundraising campaign can find support materials, including order forms, on the Schottenbauer Publishing Website under Fundraising.  Other fundraising ideas from Schottenbauer Publishing include:
  • Puzzle books in over 40 languages
  • Adventures in Geometry Series (Sports & More!)
  • Science Lab Manuals (Sports, Music, & More!)
Each of these books is available for a low wholesale price, which can be marked up for fundraising campaigns.  The books can be sold for fundraising, offered as a reward for pledges, or given as a prize for raffles.

Schottenbauer Publishing books and cards are available wholesale and/or at discount from the following sources:

Music: MusicaNeo  &  Amazon

Artwork, Posters, Puzzles, & More:  Zazzle