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Friday, June 10, 2016

Learning Science & Math Skills with Olympic Sports

As the Olympics approach, families can integrate the excitement of sports with real academic skills in science, math, and language arts.

Young students can benefit from colorful diagrams of athletes engaged in sports. Activities include identifying the names of sports, sharing stories about sports characters, and practicing essential skills such as measuring diagrams with a ruler and protractor. Geometry workbooks featuring diagrams of over 40 sports are available from Schottenbauer Publishing.

Students of all ages can enjoy sport science graphs, learning about concepts from physics (force, motion/trajectory, velocity, acceleration, rotation) and biophysics (breathing, pulse, electrical activity of muscles, joint angles). Students working on language skills can practice integrating graphs into narratives and reports, including comparison and contrast of essential concepts. Examples of science concepts and mathematical functions can be found in 5,000+ sport science graphs available from Schottenbauer Publishing, collected into books on individual sports and topical anthologies.

Available Topics

    Additional information on sport science and math books from Schottenbauer Pubishing is available through blogs Sport Science Education and Geometry Workbooks. Sport science memorabilia, including mugs, keychains, magnets, and postcards, are available through Zazzle and Zazzle International.

    Free sample graphs, videos, and lesson plans are available through the website Free Education Resources. Ideas for integrating graphs into academic lessons are available in the blog Graphs in Education.

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    Monday, April 18, 2016

    New Links to Blogs, Freebies, & Sales!

    Updates to the Schottenbauer Publishing website include new links to the following pages:

    Schottenbauer Publishing provides unique educational materials at reasonable prices, with over 1000 titles & editions available! Education topics include science, math, language, music, and sports, spanning grades K-12, plus some college and university.

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    Friday, January 29, 2016

    Expanded Memorabilia Selections for Fundraising, Party Favors, Prizes, & Gifts!

    Collectible ceramic mugs, keychains, ornaments, magnets, cards, postcards, posters, puzzles, and other items are available from Schottenbauer Publishing through Zazzle and Zazzle International. Selections are attractive options for fundraising, party favors, and gifts.

    Memorabilia Decorations

    • Science & Math Graphs
      • Sports
      • Transportation
      • Construction
      • Environment
      • Music
      • Toys
      • Physics
    • Nature Cards
    • Art 
    • & more!

    Wednesday, November 25, 2015

    Educational Book Sales on CreateSpace!

    New sales from CreateSpace are ongoing, with end TBA! Listed on the Schottenbauer Publishing website, the sales include books in science, math, language, physical education, and music education. Books and music from Schottenbauer Publishing are also available online at AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-a-MillionMusicaNeo, and other sites. Free samples can be found on the Schottenbauer Publishing blogs, including Graphs in Education and more!

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    Thursday, November 19, 2015

    Musical Instrument Demo Videos

    A new series of musical instrument demo videos from Schottenbauer Publishing has been published on YouTube. The series focuses on low-cost instruments featured in the science of music books from Schottenbauer Publishing, including the multi-volume series Where Does Sound Come From? and How Do You Play That Thingamabob? The Science of Music Performance, as well as the book Science of Music: An Anthology of 28 Graphs for Kids, Teens, & Curious Adults, the Science of Music Performance blog, and the multimedia Ear Training series from MusicaNeo.

    Click on the direct links below to hear the following low-cost instruments. The woodwinds, brass, and strings are available from Music123, while the recorders are available from West Music and the xylophone is available from Percussion Source.

    Etude Instruments (Music123)


    pBone (Music123)

    Plastic Trombone

    Florea Strings (Music123)

    Korogi Tabletop Models (Percussion Source)

    Xylophone, 2.6 Octave

    Harmony and Aulos Recorder (West Music)


    An earlier video contains a mixed selection of these instruments. Audio demonstrations are also available from the publisher on SoundCloud.

    When purchasing an introductory musical instrument, remember to purchase Big Print Music Method Exercises, Solos, Duets, Ensemble, & Conducting Method, perfect for beginners in school and homeschool! Big Print Music Method is available from MusicaNeo from $2 per e-file, and is available in print from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, CreateSpace, CreateSpace Wholesale, and other online stores!

    Tuesday, November 10, 2015

    Holiday Gift Ideas: Books, Puzzles, Cards & Posters!

    What gifts are you giving this holiday season? With educational books from Schottenbauer Publishing, recipients can enjoy exceptionally unique gifts! 

    The following topics are currently available:

    Thursday, September 17, 2015

    Science & Tech Toys Review

    Toys can be wonderful tools for learning science. In fact, many of the science graph books from Schottenbauer Publishing are based on analyses of toys! The following toys include those used in lab manuals from Schottenbauer Publishing, and analyzed with Vernier Scientific Educational Equipment. A few related educational options are also listed. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are included in the lab book series.

    Remember to purchase books from Schottenbauer Publishing

    Additional Information

    Online Catalog from Schottenbauer Publishing

    Science and Math Education Blog 

    Sales Announced on Twitter

    Monday, September 14, 2015

    Direct Vehicle Imports: Trucks, Electric Cars, Boats, & Motorcycles!

    The typical American consumer may be shocked to find out that they can import items for personal consumption directly from foreign countries. This option can save tens of thousands of dollars or more on costly items, including vehicles, luxury boats, and recreational items. 

    For instance, the following items were located on in September 2015:

    • Phoenix Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd.4-Wheel Drive, 4-Door Extended Cab Pickup Truck with Isuzu Diesel Engine, $10,000 Price Estimate (September 2015), Minimum Purchase 1. This truck looks very similar to a Hummer H3T!  
    • Shenzhen PRX Electronic Tech Co., Ltd.: CE Self-Balancing Electric Motorcycle, Price Estimate $1080 per Unit (September 2015), Minimum Order 1. This "motorcycle" looks like a Segway Personal Transporter!

    The list of items which can be obtained from abroad at such reduced prices include city transport buses, shuttle buses, commuter vans, tractors, forklifts, tractor trailers, fire engines, concrete and road construction equipment, excavators, front-end loaders, dump trucks, garbage trucks, refrigeration trucks, and more! A collection of examples are located through the following links, as well as the website: 

    Information about importing vehicles into the United States is provided by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website. This information includes details about obtaining US inspections for vehicles, as well as cautions about purchasing items abroad.

    Remember to purchase educational books from Schottenbauer Publishing! Topics include over 8,000 science graphs, geometry books for math, language puzzles, and more!

    Thursday, September 3, 2015

    Affordable Exercise & Recreational Equipment

    Whether seeking to invest in traditional exercise equipment or luxury items, consumers may be surprised by the availability of low-cost options. The following tips provide examples of what is possible, even when operating on a low budget.

    Exercise Equipment
    • Sunny Health & Fitness: Quality at low-cost is available from this manufacturer, which is featured by and other retailers. Selections include bicycles, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, steppers, weights, and more!
    • Weider Fitness: Featuring affordable free weights, stacked weight systems, and body weight systems (e.g., Power Tower and Ultimate Body Work), this company provides quality which can be obtained low-cost through discount retailers such as

    Gymnastics Equipment
    • Tiashan SportsFormal gymnastics equipment is available low-cost through the formal supplier to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as an import direct from China. For instance, an Olympic pommel horse, parallel  bars, and rings with support frame, plus 3 landing mats, shipping to an Eastern USA seaport, and import tax (approximately 5.5% in the USA), were quoted in February 2015 to be only $13,000. Equipment must be picked up at seaport, or shipped within the USA at additional expense. Importing can be done by any individual in the USA without a business license, just as with a personal trip to a foreign country. However, if the steps above seem too complicated, importing can be arranged with a licensed import agent, who will add a service fee. This fee may be lower than markup at a traditional store, but does add to the cost. Other foreign suppliers can of equipment can be located on the Made-in-China website, and other foreign trade websites.

    Synthetic Ice Rinks
    • Dzshentong: Synthetic ice, or UHMWPE, is available at ultra low-cost directly from China. An entire Olympic-sized ice rink (100'x200') plus sideboards and shipping to an Eastern USA seaport is approximately $21,280, according to quotes from February 2015!

    Recreational Buildings
    • Dongbiaoqd: A Tension Fabric Structure is a convenient, energy-efficient building which lets in white ambient light during the day. Ideal for multiple recreational uses, it can house gymnastics equipment, ice rinks, and equestrian arenas at a tiny cost compared to traditional structures. This manufacturer provides buildings at only $6 per square foot, as quoted in August 2015. Additional charges include shipping to a seaport, import tax (approx. 5.5%), within-USA transportation, and setup expenses. 
    • Qingdao Jinfei Steel Structure Co., Ltd.: Steel pole barns and steel buildings are available for purchase directly from China, at an ultra-low cost of $3.5 to $6 per square foot, plus shipping to a seaport.  Remember to add import tax, within-USA transportation, and setup expenses to estimates

    Artificial Turf

    • Taishan Turf: FIFA recommended and FIH approved, this artificial turf can be purchased and shipped low-cost from China, directly from the supplier to the 2008 Beijing Olympics! Suitable for football, hockey, tennis, golf, rugby, and basketball, this turf can also be used for multifunctional sports. Remember to add import tax (approx. 5.5%), within-USA transportation, and setup expenses to estimates

    Swim Spas

    • Winer Home Portable Spa: Swim spas are affordable, easy alternatives to swimming pools. Small enough to fit into a garage parking space, home addition, greenhouse, shed, or small yard,  these swim spas allow convenient exercise against power jets of water. The costs of a swim spa (approximately 16'x7'x4') were quoted at less than $7000 in February 2015 from this company, including shipping costs to an Eastern USA seaport. Remember to add import tax (approx. 5.5%), within-USA transportation, and setup expenses to estimates

    • Qingdao Daison Composite Materials Co., Ltd.: At least two motorhomes were quoted at only $23,000 each, including both large and small models, in August 2015. When calculating cost estimates, remember to add shipping to seaport, import tax, USA/state vehicle inspection costs, and within-USA shipping. 
    • Shanghai Jouyu Industrial Co., Ltd.: A large motorhome was quoted at only $37,500 in August 2015When calculating cost estimates, remember to add shipping to seaport, import tax, USA/state vehicle inspection costs, and within-USA shipping. 
    • Zhejiang Xingmei Electrical Vehicle Co., Ltd.: Compact, efficient travel trailers are available from this company, with a minimum order of three units. When calculating cost estimates, remember to add shipping to seaport, import tax, USA/state trailer inspection costs, and within-USA shipping. 

    Remember to purchase sport science books from Schottenbauer Publishing! Over 5,000 graphs of sports provide ample opportunities for students ages 10 and up to learn about science, math, and physical education!

    Tuesday, September 1, 2015

    New Online Newspaper from Schottenbauer Publishing

    A free online newspaper from Schottenbauer Publishing is now available. The paper, set to be published every Thursday, will provide coordinated tips and updates from the publisher. The first three issues of The Schottenbauer Publishing Weekly focus on (1) the publisher's collections of graphs and music education materials (August 31, 2015 Edition), (2) purchasing a musical instrument, and (3) purchasing low-cost recreational equipment, respectively. Viewers can subscribe for free on the website.

    Musical Instrument Purchase Tips

    Demonstration of Western Musical Instruments
    Excerpted from YouTube Video on Publisher Website
    As school begins, most students consider purchasing their own musical instrument. For many, borrowing an instrument from the school or renting an instrument seems like the best option. Others simply decide to purchase due to instrument preferences provided by schools, band directors, symphony conductors, local music stores, and private sales from older students. 

    If a family or school system is particularly financially limited, it may be challenging to find an instrument in the right price range. This is particularly true of homeschool families, who do not have a school providing free instruments on loan. Some private and parochial schools also do not offer free instrument loan, providing an extra burden to families with strapped budgets.

    Fortunately, a few extra-low-cost options do exist:

    Direct Imports

    Direct imports are possible in the USA and many other countries. When a group of families can bundle their purchases together, it may be advantageous to purchase instruments overseas and import them directly. No business license is required when making private purchases overseas, just as during a personal trip to a foreign country. Ordering may be simple, requiring only a credit card or Western Union for payment. Shipping costs are surprisingly low, and import tax is only approximately 5.5% on musical instruments in the United States. Although import restrictions or quotas may exist in some countries, there are few in the USA. Items must be picked up at a seaport, or, if necessary, within-USA shipping can be arranged at cost from a professional company. If these steps seem too complicated, importing can be arranged with a licensed import agent who will add a service fee. Although this fee may be lower than markup at a traditional music store, it is still an additional cost. It may be possible to find a local store which specializes in imports and is willing to make a special order for a minimal fee.

    Musical instruments are made particularly low-cost in China, from multiple companies which can be located through easy internet webpages such as Although some companies require minimum purchases of 5, 10, or 100 instruments, others place no restrictions on woodwinds or brass. Keep in mind that USA store costs usually include markup of 100% to 500% for musical instruments such as these, which may sit in a warehouse for long periods of time before selling.

    Several Chinese musical instrument companies include:
    • XuQiu Music & Sonor Music: Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, & Percussion. Most instruments are sold individually. Shipping is extremely affordable to the East Coast USA. For example, one estimate for shipping 16 instruments was only a few hundred dollars. Import tax is approximately 5.5% in the USA, and transportation from port depends on destination location. Costs cited in February 2015 include the following: 
      • Woodwinds
        • Flute (Sterling Silver): $586
        • Clarinet (Ebony): $235.60
        • English Horn (Bakelite): $1688.50
        • Oboe: $393.20
        • Bassoon: $696.20
        • Contrabassoon: $7,500.00
      • Brass
        • Trumpet (Silver): $78.95
        • Trombone: $145.47
        • Double Horn: $230.00
        • Flugelhorn: $109.00
        • Bass Flugelhorn: $176.00
        • Euphonium: $241.65
        • Tuba: $399.85
      • Strings
        • Violin: $24.50
        • Viola: $38.95
        • Cello: $113.35
        • Bass: $259.99
      • Percussion
        • 5-Piece Drum Set: $164.95
        • Marimba (4-Octave): $1749.50
    • Chloris Pianos: Upright & Grand Pianos. The following costs cited in February 2015 include shipping costs to an East Coast seaport in the USA.
      • Upright Piano: $1,265
      • Grand Piano (5'6"): $3,915
      • Concert Grand Piano (9'): $11,895
    • Shanghai Lingjiang Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.Upright & Grand Pianos. The following costs cited in November 2015 do not include shipping or import tax.
      • Upright Piano: $1,300
      • Grand Piano: $3,000
     Additional companies can be located online.

    Low-Cost USA Purchases

    For individuals who are not interested in importing instruments, low-cost USA purchase options do exist. Although not a comprehensive list, the following provide some good options for low budgets. New (11/15)! Instrument demonstration videos are now available on YouTube.
    • Music123: Some of the lowest costs on band and orchestral instruments in the USA can be found here, particularly in special sales from November through March. The bottom-dollar student instruments sold by this discount retailer include the Etude, Allora, and Florea brands, all of which offer good quality to beginners.
    • Harmony Recorders: A full set of 5 plastic recorders (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass) cost approximately $200 from West Music, which specializes in low-cost recorders in the USA.
    • Korogi Tabletop Xylophones: These 2.6-octave desktop xylophones provide excellent quality from Percussion Source. At approximately $315, these are a tiny fraction of the cost of a full instrument.
    • Yamaha Electric Pianos: One of the highest-quality and lowest-price full-sized (88-key) electric pianos is manufactured by Yamaha Corporation. The basic model can usually be purchased in the USA for approximately $500 from a source such as Music123.
    • Kawai Grand Pianos: These pianos offer high quality at lower cost than other major brands, but with similar stiffness of key action compared to the prized Steinway models. Serious students require a grand piano of at least 5'6", because the key action is closer to the concert grand. Upright pianos are not recommended for serious students, because they feature several major differences in key action
    • Mason & Hamlin Grand PianosThese pianos offer high quality at lower cost than other major brands. The 5'6" model is known to be similar to a Steinway concert grand in key action. Upright pianos are not recommended for serious students, because they feature several major differences in key action

    Quality Instruments

    For individuals with a higher budget, the following are some of the best options available:

    • Mollenhauer Recorders: These fine wood recorders from Germany are some of the best, made from exotic wood in many different sizes (garklein, sopranino, soprano, alto, bass, greatbass). These are available from several stores in the USA, with a list of USA dealers on the manufacturer site.
    • Kung Superio SubBass: Perhaps the only company to offer the extremely large SubBass recorder, this company features a full range of sizes (garklein, sopranino, soprano, alto, bass, greatbass, subbass). These fine wood recorders are available from several stores in the USA, with a list of USA dealers on the manufacturer site.
    • Steinway Pianos: By far the most highly prized concert piano in the USA, the pianos are an excellent investment for serious pianists. The key resistance of Steinway pianos is better suited to high-quality performance than some other well-known brands. Serious students require a grand piano of at least 5'6", because the key action is significantly different than smaller models, including uprights. 
    • Conn-Selmer, Inc.: The standards of excellence in brass and woodwinds are hidden within this larger company. For excellent brass, choose Bach, and for excellent woodwinds, choose Selmer. The company also offers a selection of high-quality strings and percussion instruments.

    While selecting your new instrument, remember to check out The Big Print Music Method and other music education materials from Schottenbauer Publishing!