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Monday, February 24, 2014

Enjoy Summer Science Camp at Home!

Creative families can enjoy a cost-effective summer science camp at home this year, with the assistance of science lab manuals with graphs and data from Schottenbauer Publishing! 

Schottenbauer Publishing offers a wide selection of low-cost science lab manuals, with graphs and data for science classes from 7th grade through high school, to introductory college and university level classes.  Readers can enjoy the following exciting topics, most of which are already available in both English and German:

Each book is filled with exciting graphs and data, following a particular theme. Graphs and data can be used for thousands of lesson plans by teachers, tutors, parents, home-school families, and independent study students. 

The lab manuals can be flexibly used for many different age levels and purposes. At the simplest level, the books can be used to foster graph-reading skills for 7th graders in math or physical science classes. At more advanced levels, high school, college, and university students can enjoy the lab manuals as a supplement to traditional lectures in physics, mathematics, engineering, biology, health, and physical education classes.

Free Samples

Free samples are available for download from the Schottenbauer Publishing website:
  • Where Does Sound Come From? [Selections]
  • Glide, Spin, & Jump!: The Science of Ice Skating [Selections]


YouTube contains a new, exciting series of videos with previews of the lab manuals. Summaries of each book are provided on this blog under the menu option for Science Education. F
ree preview pages for most lab manuals are available on Amazon.


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