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Health & Wellness

The following books on health and wellness are expected to be published soon.

Intelligence: Making Sense of Contemporary Theory

Written for a general audience, this book presents the core concepts of mainstream intelligence theory and explains the relevance to education, learning disabilities, brain injury, medical illness, and rehabilitation.  The book also discusses popular cognitive training program on the computer, which are available to the public.  

Head Injuries and Sports:  Taking Care of the Athlete's Brain

Recreational, amateur, and professional athletes may not be aware of the many health risks to their brain which are encountered in typical sport activity.  This book explains the major types of head injuries, including both open and closed head injuries, as well as a more subtle, cumulative risk due to the repeated experience of rapid acceleration and deceleration found in many athletic activities.  This latter risk, which is not experienced as a specific injury, may cause cumulative cognitive deficits over time, posing a hidden risk to athletes.  A few other types of risk which are not usually considered are also discussed, including the effects of nutritional deficits and overheating on the brain.  

Prevention and treatment are addressed in the second half of the book.  The general benefits and risks of safety equipment are described, including certain types of injuries which cannot be avoided with even the best protective gear.  Several hazards of common medications and substances are presented, including potentially dangerous interactions between painkillers and alcohol.  A variety of home-based natural techniques for prevention and treatment are offered as alternatives to conventional cars.

Safety, Injury Prevention, & Natural Treatments for Musicians:  A Resource Book

Popular perception is that music is an art, rather than a physical activity akin to an athletic sport. Unfortunately, such an attitude easily leads to injuries among music students and even professional musicians.  Repetitive stress due to poor technique and acute injuries can often be avoided through appropriate precautions and care.  When injuries do occur, music students and professional musicians may benefit from natural health techniques which may ameliorate problems without the mind-numbing effects of prescription drugs.  Benefits and drawbacks to various treatment options are presented. 

Do-It-Yourself Healthcare: A Resource Book

With natural techniques, healthcare can be convenient, affordable, and effective, provided at home with supplies purchased from the local grocery store or on the Internet. This book explains how to bypass the long wait at the doctor's office through advance planning, by building a home library and by learning strategies for handling healthcare emergencies in advance. In this resource book, each of the following natural healthcare modalities is described, with reading lists provided for additional information: nutrition, herbs, exercise, lifestyle, yoga, meditation, music, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage, acupressure, homeopathy, naturopathy, home emergency medicine, technology, self-awareness and interpersonal skills.

This book provides a list of cautions and exclusions, including information about building a home healthcare library and pursuing further education, as well as training requirements for providing healthcare in the home.