Schottenbauer Publishing

Employment Testing

Schottenbauer Publishing offers a selection of tests for employers and volunteers. Current topics focus on include human rights. The following selections are available from CreateSpace and Amazon.

Knowledge Awareness Tests for Employers & Volunteer Organizations:  Human Rights

This 4-volume series contains multiple-format tests based on human rights publications. Source documents are available separately from the United NationsVolume 1 provides tests on The UN Human Rights Treaty System Fact Sheet #30 and Human Rights: A Basic Handbook for UN Staff. Tests cover the history and background of the human rights treaties, as well as information on compliance and reporting human rights violations. Volume 2, planned to arrive soon, contains tests for the Core Human Rights Treaties.  Volumes 3 and 4, planned to arrive by 2015, cover assorted topics such as the rights of non-citizens, terrorism, and business issues.

Critical Thinking Tests for Employers & Volunteer Organizations:  Human Rights

This 3-volume series contains assorted tests pertaining to critical thinking about human rights issues. Intended for educators, psychologists, and human resources specialists, this book provides a broad set of tests which may be used to assess for basic and higher-order cognitive and interpersonal skills which may be essential for understanding and applying human rights theory in everyday life and the workplace.  

Note:  These books do not include normalization samples or cutoff scores.  Results should be interpreted in the context of a comprehensive test battery.  There is no guarantee that successful test-takers will be able to understand or apply human rights in real-world scenarios.