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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Multimedia Music Education! Conducting, Ear Training, & Chamber Music!

Multimedia from Schottenbauer Publishing provide refreshingly interesting products for music students everywhere!

The Big Print Conducting Method

Conducting is no longer a "mysterious art form," now that "The Big Print Conducting Method" has arrived! Available from MusicaNeo, this unique approach to teaching conducting contains big print instructional textbooks, plus follow-along video and simple musical samples for practice at home or school. Students are led through conducting skills one by one, from common time signatures through complex time signatures. 

The first installment of the method is divided into two parts, available for purchase separately: (1) Introductory Package and (2) Exercises. The Introductory Package includes two short textbooks plus the follow-along video. The video provides instruction, plus interactive activities in which students trace the beat patterns on the computer screen. The Expanded Exercises include drills on conducting basics, available with conductor's score and with transpositions for individual instruments. Instrumentation includes treble instruments in C, Bb, Eb, and F, plus alto and bass instruments in C. 
Exercises provide practice with all time signatures, plus cutoffs and cuing. The text and video are available for only $10, and the exercises corresponding to these books are available for only $12 from MusicaNeo.

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Identifying Musical Mistakes

A new series of interactive ear training materials by M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D., are available from MusicaNeo. "Identifying Musical Mistakes: Ear Training Level 1" provides practice with reconciling differences between auditory and written passages. This work provides an instruction page, a score with 20 short 4-measure melodies in duple time signatures, 20 wav audio files, and 20 pdf files with answer keys.  Students are instructed to listen to each wav file while watching the original score, and to circle all mistakes in pitch or rhythm. The answer keys provide the written form of the audio files, for comparison.

Level 1 focuses on a single line of music in treble clef, performed by piano. Future editions are planned to include additional instruments, including chamber music and symphony, in a stepwise progression of difficulty. Level 1 is available for only $1 from MusicaNeo.

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Learning Chamber Music

A new series of training pieces for piano trio by M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D., are available from MusicaNeo. "Learning Chamber Music" and "Three Miniature Piano Trios" provide convenient and succinct practice for young students of violin, cello, and piano. 

"Learning Chamber Music" consists of 48 pages of exercises focusing on basic skills required of piano trios. Exercises are divided into 7 sections, each with a particular theme: 

  • Part I: Tuning, Dynamic Balance, and Basic Rhythmic Exercises
  • Part II: Entrance and Timing Exercises (Tempo Setting and Timing)
  • Part III: Ending Exercises (Holding Notes Full Length and Fermatas) 
  • Part IV: Tempo Change Exercises (Accel. and Rit.; Section Changes)
  • Part V: Other Common Time Signatures (22, 24, 34, 68)
  • Part VI: Advanced Rhythm (Duple vs. Triple)
  • Part VII: Articulation and Stylistic Matching Exercises

The exercises are provided in a zip file, complete with instructions for practice and a MIDI file. The MIDI file can be opened with a computer notation program and used to practice at home, when only 1 or 2 instruments are available. 

Complementing these exercises, "Three Miniature Piano Trios" are a set of brief practice pieces in classical style. Students can learn one or more of these pieces to hone their new skills, with rapid progression and results. These chamber music selections are available from MusicaNeo for only $10 each.

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Additional Information

The products above are but a few of the quality music education products written by M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D.  Other books include:
  • The Big Print Music Method (Band, Orchestra, Recorder, Guitar, & More!) 
  • Bow Science & Exercises
  • Books on The Science of Music and Music Performance

Books are available at one or more of the following: 

Additional information is available at the
Schottenbauer Publishing website.