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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spicing Up Elder Care with Electric Guitar Lessons!

With a growing number of retirees worldwide, the number of individuals with elder care, assisted living, and nursing homes is at an all-time high. Activity coordinators searching for interesting entertainment for their clients have traditionally focused on arts and crafts, but now have a new, exciting option: electric guitar and electric bass! Perfect for the dilettante elderly interested in the arts, electric guitar and electric bass can be practiced discretely with a headset, and enjoyed in group with a speaker sound system. Even better, the use of a capo can simplify playing essential notes, allowing newcomers to enjoy playing one-note basses in unison, with the slightly more advanced plucking out a simple folk tune melody.

The options for learning electric guitar and bass are simple and enjoyable with The Big Print Music Method. Method Boosters, available from MusicaNeo for only $4 each as printable e-files, provide simple one-note fingering instructions in bold color, coordinated with keyboards and extra-large music staves. Three-Note Exercises and Interval Studies, available as e-files or in traditional printed books from online retailers, offer similar practice opportunities for increasing basic skills. 

Using the above tools, elders can participate in individual or group lessons on electric guitar and bass. After learning basic skills, the possibility of small group ensemble becomes available. Conveniently, Big Print Ensemble and The Big Print Conducting Method provide easy options for group activities, focusing on popular folk tunes and classical themes.

Additional information on The Big Print Music Method is available on The Big Print Music Method blog and the Schottenbauer Publishing website. Free samples are available on MusicaNeo.

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