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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Musical Instrument Demo Videos

A new series of musical instrument demo videos from Schottenbauer Publishing has been published on YouTube. The series focuses on low-cost instruments featured in the science of music books from Schottenbauer Publishing, including the multi-volume series Where Does Sound Come From? and How Do You Play That Thingamabob? The Science of Music Performance, as well as the book Science of Music: An Anthology of 28 Graphs for Kids, Teens, & Curious Adults, the Science of Music Performance blog, and the multimedia Ear Training series from MusicaNeo.

Click on the direct links below to hear the following low-cost instruments. The woodwinds, brass, and strings are available from Music123, while the recorders are available from West Music and the xylophone is available from Percussion Source.

Etude Instruments (Music123)


pBone (Music123)

Plastic Trombone

Florea Strings (Music123)

Korogi Tabletop Models (Percussion Source)

Xylophone, 2.6 Octave

Harmony and Aulos Recorder (West Music)


An earlier video contains a mixed selection of these instruments. Audio demonstrations are also available from the publisher on SoundCloud.

When purchasing an introductory musical instrument, remember to purchase Big Print Music Method Exercises, Solos, Duets, Ensemble, & Conducting Method, perfect for beginners in school and homeschool! Big Print Music Method is available from MusicaNeo from $2 per e-file, and is available in print from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, CreateSpace, CreateSpace Wholesale, and other online stores!