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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Learn Musical Instrument Fingerings Faster with Big Print & Keyboards!

Elementary music students can learn fingerings faster with The Big Print Music Method by M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D.!  With extra-large, color-coded fingering charts and keyboards on every page, the following books teach fingerings the fastest way possible:
  • Method Boosters
  • 3-Note Exercise Books
  • Interval Exercises
  • Learning Alternate Fingerings
  • Interval Exercises with Alternate Fingerings
  • Learning String Crossing and Double Stops

The series is available for the following instruments:
  • Recorder
  • Band
  • Orchestral Strings
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard

A sample page from "Interval Studies" for recorder is shown to the left. Notice the extra-large print, color-coded diagrams, and keyboards, which are available on every page of the exercise books listed above. Covering the entire range for most instruments (excluding guitar), these books provide extended learning experiences. By systematically introducing students to all intervals and note combinations, these exercise books promote rapid development of muscle memory for note combinations, as well as a solid comprehension of relationships between pitches.

The Big Print Music Method is growing, with the full set of publications, including a piano method, expected in 2015. With over 300 publications thus far, it already offers students of all band and orchestral instruments a quick and easy start to success. The full method will include all books through Intermediate level for most instruments, complete with video recordings and computer programs for support.

Students may also be interested in the following big-print publications from M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D.:
  • Elementary Exercises
  • The Big Print Theory Method (Scales, Chords, & Arpeggios)
  • The Big Print Conducting Method Introductory Package (Books 1 & 2), with Follow-Along Videos

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