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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Science Books on Electromagnetism & Energy Efficiency!

Electricity, circuits, magnets, electromagnetism and energy efficiency are now more accessible than ever to kids, teens, and young adults, with science lab manuals from Schottenbauer Publishing! Filled with graphs and data, four new books are now available in both English and German.

Science lab kits for kids leave many questions unanswered.  What is happening in the circuit when the wires are connected?  What does a magnetic field look like?  How well do solar panels work?  These questions and more can be explored with the graphs and data in these four new books from Schottenbauer Publishing:

Electricity & Magnetism
Volume 1: Electricity, Circuits, Resistors, Capacitors, Magnetic Induction, Direct Current (DC)
Volume 2: Magnetic Fields, Magnetic Force, Movement Due to Magnetic Force
Volume 3: Generators, Motors, Alternating Current (AC), Light

The Science of Energy Efficiency
Volume 3: Alternative Energy (Solar Power, Hydropower, Wind Power)

These books and more are available from Amazon and CreateSpace Direct Wholesale, for affordable prices.  All volumes are available in color, and some are available also in low-cost black-and-white editions.

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