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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Science of Balls, Sampler Edition & Science of Marbles, Volume 3!

Two new science books are now available from Schottenbauer Publishing, both in English and in German translation.

The Science of Balls: Sampler Edition 
(German/Deutsch Title: Springen, Rollen, & Fliegen: Die Wissenschaft des Kugeln: Probe Ausgabe)

An overview of the 8-volume series Bounce, Roll, & Fly! The Science of Balls, contains graphs of 24 sports balls as they bounce, roll, and fly in translational and rotational motion. Balls include baseballs (official, safety, and plastic), basketball, cricket ball, dodge ball, football, golf balls (official, foam, and plastic), hackeysack, hockey balls (field, low-density street, and high-density street), kickball, lacrosse ball, ping pong ball, racquetball, rugby ball, soccer ball, softball, tennis ball, toy ball, and volleyball. The graphs and data contained in this book can be used by teachers and parents to supplement traditional lesson plans.

Bonus: These graphs correspond to three videos available on YouTube, under the playlists “Science Lab Manuals” and “Sport Science.” Direct links are located below:

Videos of Sport Balls

Additional information is available at:

The Science of Marbles: Volume 3
(German/Deutsch Title: Die Wissenschaft von Murmeln: Band 3)

This volume contains graphs of marbles moving on a variety of inclined surfaces, including flat wood and curved metal inclines. Paths are complex, with an initial incline followed by a flat surface, drop, ramp, or wall. Comparison graphs include free fall and bouncing on carpet. The experiments focus on four marbles, plus a rubber ball for comparison. These data can be used for lesson plans by teachers and parents. Additional information is available at:

Additional Information