Schottenbauer Publishing

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sport Science Anthologies of 28 Graphs Each!

Sport science anthologies from Schottenbauer Publishing offer convenient selections of 28 graphs. Excerpted from science lab manuals from the same author, these books provide graphs demonstrating a variety of scientific concepts and mathematical functions. As such, these books are suitable for inclusion in traditional classrooms for projects in writing, science, math, and physical education, from fourth grade through high school, plus some college and university.

Of particular relevance across traditional classes is The Science of Physical Fitness. This anthology provides 28 graphs of common physical fitness activities, including:
  • Aerobic Exercise 
  • Exercise Equipment 
  • Weightlifting 
Graphs contain a selection of physics data including acceleration, velocity, trajectory, and force, as well as biophysics data such as breathing, joint angle motion/positions, blood pressure and heart rate, and the electrical activity of the heart (EKG) and muscles (EMG).

Additional anthology topics include Summer Olympic SportsWinter Olympic Sports, and moreSpecific ideas for incorporating graphs into education are available in the blog Graphs in Education.