Schottenbauer Publishing

Monday, May 11, 2015

Which Book of Graphs to Select?

With over 8,000 graphs of sports, transportation, construction, environment, music, entertainment, and general physics from Schottenbauer Publishing, it may seem mind-boggling to make any selection. Fortunately, a free Teacher Resource Guide is available, with a chart listing the types of data present in each lab manual. Across the selection of books, data types include:

General Mechanics
  • Video Analysis
  • Force & Acceleration
  • Motion & Rotational Motion
Electricity & Magnetism
  • Power, Current, & Voltage
  • Light Intensity & Magnetic Field
  • Sound Pressure (Microphone) & Sound Level
  • Gas Pressure & Wind Speed
  • Temperature
  • Water Flow Rate
Health & Biophysics
  • Joint Position & Angles (Goniometer)
  • Electrical Activity of the Heart (EKG) & Muscles (EMG)
  • Breathing Rate & Lung Volume
  • Heart Rate & Blood Pressure

Lab manuals include subject-specific series of books, plus a set of convenient themed anthologies with 28 graphs each. Specific ideas for incorporating graphs into education are available in the blog Graphs in Education.