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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

NEW! Science of Snow Sports Volume 4!

A new science book is now available from Schottenbauer Publishing, both in English and in German translation.

The Science of Snow Sports: Volume 4
(German/Deutsch Title: Die Wissenschaft der Schneesport: Band 4)

This book contains graphs showing the motion of scale models of skis and a snowboard as they travel on curved inclines. The surfaces, including slightly abraded HDPE/plastic and sheet metal, simulate Alpine slopes and a ski jump of different heights and shapes. A series of comparison graphs also show the motion of a set of wood blocks, a cylinder, and rubber ball, on similar curved surfaces. These comparison objects are also tested on a U-shaped, slightly abraded HDPE/plastic surface, such that the motion of the cylinder and rubber ball simulate oscillating movement reminiscent of the motion of a snowboarder in a half-pipe, although the model contains low, gradually sloping walls.  These data can be used for lesson plans by teachers and parents.

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