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Sunday, April 19, 2015

NEW! The Science of Baseball: Volumes 1 & 2!

A new series of graph books is now available from Schottenbauer Publishing, both in English and in German translation.

The Science of Baseball, Volumes 1 & 2
(German/Deutsch Title: Die Wissenschaft der Baseball: Bände 1 & 2)

This book series contains graphs relevant to baseball and softball. Volume 1 shows the trajectories of plastic baseballs ejected from a pitching machine, including hardball, softball, pop fly, and grounder patterns.  A subset of graphs also show lateral drift of the ball during a windy day. Volume 2 compares and contrasts a variety of balls and bats. These include bats made from wood, plastic, and aluminum, which are tested on an official baseball, two safety balls, plastic balls with and without holes, a wiffle ball, and a softball. Experiments show balls falling and rebounding from bats and a concrete floor, balls rebounding as they hit a piece of plywood set at various angles, and bats hitting balls from a stationary tee.

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