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Friday, April 24, 2015

New Blog, "Graphs in Education," Contains Tips for Teachers & Educators!

Graphs in Education, a new blog by Schottenbauer Publishing, contains tips for teachers, educators, and homeschool parents who seek to integrate graphs into education. Graphs are a flexible tool which can be used for elementary, middle, and high school, as well as college/university classes in math, science, writing/language, physical education, music, and art classes. In the blog Graphs in Education, articles provide sample questions and lesson plans for educators who seek to integrate graphs into classes. Schottenbauer Publishing features over 8,000 graphs, collected into multi-volume series and anthologies in the following categories:

Book Series with Original Graphs

Anthologies of 28 Graphs
  • The World in a Graph
  • Sports [Multiple Volumes Available]
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Music
  • Play

A full listing of graph topics from Schottenbauer Publishing, indexed by book series and data type, are available in a Teacher Resource Guide from the publisher. Free blogs with graphs, discussion questions, and videos are also available from the publisher online.

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